What You Can Expect on Your Lake Superior Charter Fishing Trip!

When you arrive at the Superior Charter Dock, you will see Silver Fox. She's the clean, big white boat at the end of the pier on the Charter fishing dock.  As you walk down the dock, you'll hear the twin Caterpillar engines warming up for another day on the the waters.

Captain Greg and Eileen will load your coolers & belongings, welcome you aboard and familiarize you with the boat. Upon departing, the Captain will taxi down the river either out the Superior Entry or the Duluth Entry of the Harbor. Barker's Island offers you the best of both worlds.

As we clear the entry, you'll see the sun rising out of the water on the horizon. About that time, the boat gets up on a plane and you're headed to the fishing grounds. First Mate Eileen will steer the boat while Captain Greg sets all the lines. You just grab the rod and hang on!

At the end of day, the Captain will clean your fish, bag them and ice them down in your cooler free-of-charge. Silver Fox Charters carries a Fish Packing License, allowing them to skin and bone out your fillets so they are ready for your table or freezer. Mission accomplished.

The boat will be cleaned and bathed for the next great day of fishing on Lake Superior.