How and Where We Fish

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, also the coldest.?? The pristine, crystal clear waters are home to many species of fish including Lake Trout, Chinook (King) Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead (Rainbow Trout), Brown Trout, Brook (Coaster) Trout, Walleye, Muskellunge and Northern Pike.

Silver Fox Charters is one of few charters that hold both a Minnesota and Wisconsin Guides' License and carry 1-2 day fishing licenses available for purchase on board.

Why is this important? Dual licenses allow us to guide you to quality fishing anywhere on Lake Superior. It's critical to be able to fish the Wisconsin South Shore for the first three months of the season, where the creeks are dumping warmer waters and the shallow water depths. This area holds the largest fish concentration on the western end of the lake ? all of the salmon, trout and walleye are seeking out warmer water.

SPRING FISHING begins as we start setting lines in Wisconsin waters, right at the mouth of the Superior Harbor Entry and continue trolling down the South Shore. The methods of fishing during spring will be planer boards, flat lines, dipsy divers and long leads on shallow down riggers.

The Captain will make sure everyone is trained in on these fishing methods. When the fish strikes ? you grab the rod and hang on!


As the waters of Lake Superior warm, usually the end of June, SUMMER FISHING begins further from shore over deeper water with weighted board lines, outriggers, deeper dipsy divers and down riggers. As water temperatures rise, we progressively migrate toward the middle of Lake Superior into Minnesota waters. We catch fish with flys & smelt on wire lines with dodgers & flashers over 100' deep.

August offers the most stable weather for fishing on Lake Superior. The fish are easier to target in deeper water and this is where the majority of the lunkers are caught!